Trying To Realign

by Like A Monument

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A collection of songs written and recorded over the space of 4 years, with the help of various friends along the way.


released January 20, 2013

Massive thanks to the following; Rob Foulsham for being a general legend, working his magic on Hearts & Mama, and doing the final mix/master for the EP, Sam South for helping on the recordings for Goodbye, Somebody Told Me & Realign. And Mike Anderson for helping on the recordings for Sometime & Just Another Holiday. Cover photo by Matt Bryk.




Like A Monument Brighton, UK

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Track Name: Hearts In The Right Place
I run
You hide
We try so hard sometimes

But please know
That my heart's in the right place
My heart's in the right place,
My heart's in the right place,
I just can't keep a straight face

I sing
The world away
You dance
But only when you're drunk

But I know,
That your heart's in the right place
your heart's in the right place
your heart's in the right place,
I'm just not in the right frame of mind
Track Name: Goodbye
Hello my lady friend
I once believed I'd be with you at the end
But then you started something
That I could not believe in
And I started thinking
Of empires and of stealing
away, from this here town

Goodbye my lady friend
I'm sure one day we'll meet again
Cos I know we had something
But it wasn't to last
There were too many others
And we were moving too fast
For the Train

Cos no we ain't so different,
But we sure ain't the same
And I know you had your problems
Cos they're driving me insane
I'm sure you'll find another
Maybe I'll find,
A girl that I can tame

So we'll go our own way in the morn
And I'll just keep on singing my songs
Of good hearted fools
And of long forgotten memories of home

Of fantasy and fortune
Of politics and greed
Of waking up this morning
And of drifting of to sleep
Of rich men, and of poor men, and of drunks

Of everything and nothing
Of any time or place
Of wars and of injustice
And of that pretty little face,
of yours
Track Name: Somebody Told Me
Somebody told me
You've got to be free
But nobody told me
Just what that means

I think it's all in my head

Somebody told me
you've got to be saved
But why or from what
No they did not say

I think it's all in my head

But If you know what it its I'm doing here
And why I'm working so hard
Please won't you tell me
Track Name: Realign
While I run
Underneath the sun
Needs to be done

While I care
I will always be there
No matter how far

While I stand
Here on my own
It was there all along

While I try
To find my way
Back home

It was wrong to cry
It was wrong to deny
But if it had gone any other way,
we'd never realign

Now I must
Find my way
Back to the world

While I still
I still have a reason
To watch it unfurl

My mind opens up to me
In the silence
And tells me how to be

Your face flashes through me
Like a reflection
The sun over the sea

It was wrong to cry
It was wrong to deny
But if it had gone any other way
We'd never realign
Track Name: Sometime
I came back from the other side
Back for another ride
But I can only stay
for a little while

Came back for the sun & sea
for one last breath before the leap

You have to grow up sometime
I just don't think I will ever be ready

To give up all I've walked towards
And turn my back on what I've got
I know it's not a lot
But it's all I need

I guess I'm scared of being dragged into the tide
By the draw of the grass on the other side
And the call in the back of my mind

You have to grow up sometime
You have to grow up sometime
You have to grow up sometime
I just don't think I will ever be ready
Track Name: Just Another Holiday
I came back for the sunshine
And left wet head to toe from the rain

I came back for the starlight
But the clouds they weren't so keen on giving way

It's just expectations to blame
Cos I don't remember rating the weather that much anyway

I came back thinking of you
And wondering just how much had changed

But your hair it still grew
And your eyes were still blue
You still danced like you'd never seen no pain

It's just such a crying shame
There's a rose tint to my mirror
All those things I missed were there
It's just those things that I didn't
They all came back again

It's strange to feel like I'm coming home
So far away
It's strange to feel like I'm coming home
It was just another holiday
Track Name: Mama
Makes me think of old friends and lost loves
after the sadness has passed
makes me wonder how I've spent my time
and how it's made my past
and how the past has made me who I am
and the present I am happy in
is formed from things so long ago, but so fresh in my mind

Makes me realise the worth of things
and that sadness rarely lingers
makes me understand that happiness
can come from the strangest places
makes me learn to try not to forget,
all of the lost faces
that have touched me with their touch
and left me with their love

Cos mama you've been on my mind
and I hope it's there that you remain
Cos lessons will be learned from love and from hate just the same
because all that comes to pass it will come to pass again
I just hope that I am ready and willing to be changed.