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Hello my lady friend
I once believed I'd be with you at the end
But then you started something
That I could not believe in
And I started thinking
Of empires and of stealing
away, from this here town

Goodbye my lady friend
I'm sure one day we'll meet again
Cos I know we had something
But it wasn't to last
There were too many others
And we were moving too fast
For the Train

Cos no we ain't so different,
But we sure ain't the same
And I know you had your problems
Cos they're driving me insane
I'm sure you'll find another
Maybe I'll find,
A girl that I can tame

So we'll go our own way in the morn
And I'll just keep on singing my songs
Of good hearted fools
And of long forgotten memories of home

Of fantasy and fortune
Of politics and greed
Of waking up this morning
And of drifting of to sleep
Of rich men, and of poor men, and of drunks

Of everything and nothing
Of any time or place
Of wars and of injustice
And of that pretty little face,
of yours


from Trying To Realign, released January 20, 2013




Like A Monument Brighton, UK

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